Personal Development


Funkify is a shader solution to make animated backgrounds like in the game Earthbound. This project started as me implementing the feature in an RPG project that I was working on. The project can be found to download for free over at this website:

Since I’ve released it, this solution it has become my most viewed and most downloaded item.

I learned a lot about shadergraph’s visual scripting with this side project.

A long overdue post on my puzzle game

A while back I made this little puzzle game to kill some time because we were all locked up inside because of a plague. If you’re some historian in the future poring over documentation from this time period. Let me tell you, it sucked. It sucked a lot.

I’m coming back to this game, going to flesh it out more and push out the boundaries of it. (As well as fix a few bugs.) Here is the link to it on

Global Game Jam 2020

Whoa, two posts in one day? I’m more on fire than a slum in downtown London. (Is that inappropriate. I apologize in advance.) Truly though, this post is just to acknowledge that I’m behind on some of the things I meant to have up on this portfolio. Namely that I forgot to post about the Global Game Jam for the past three weeks.

It was great fun, good food, and I learned a lot from the people there.

So here is a link to the very chaotic game that we made during the global game jam. The game was a lot of fun to talk about and theorize for. Really in the end it felt like a challenge to get too much stuff into the game before the deadline. But that was part of the fun too, pushing the limits of how much you could get done in 24 hours.

In addition to some of the programming tricks that I learned over that weekend. One of the more helpful things about the event was how it taught me more about working in teams. Managing git conflicts by using prefabs, and separate scenes that you can multiload to keep everyone’s work separate, and it inspired me to read more on how to manage a github with larger teams and complex problems.

A very interesting read on the matter can be found here. I never knew how essential using the force-text feature was for some developers.